When the idea of ​​an aesthetic operation develops from dream to reality step by step, what important stages are waiting for the patient in the decision-making period? How will it be possible to make the right decision?

What do you expect from this surgery?

An aesthetic operation is done so that you have the best of your own. But no aesthetic operation promises excellence. We can list examples such as a better-looking nose, a younger face, and a more vibrant eye area. The results of the surgery should be compared with each patient. The fact that each operation is different is that the comparison of the result of another and the patient does not give a healthy evaluation.

Clearly discussing your expectation with your physician and evaluating the surgical availability of these demands are important details for the patient at the decision-making stage.

Realistic expectations

Are You Really Ready for Plastic Surgery?

Unrealistic expectations do not satisfy the patient, whatever the outcome. Remember, neither your doctor nor your imagination not your ve anatomical substructure determines the outcome.

Therefore, you should know that you are the limit of your demand for aesthetics and your capacity to change. Man is a fabric with its outside and a piece of good fabric. It is not necessary to expect the same dress from each fabric.

If the person is planning to live a happier life after the aesthetic operation, you should know that no aesthetic operation is a pleasure to the person. Being happy is not about what one has, but about the way he handles life. We must know that today there are people who are truly unhappy, while there are people who are in grave grief with great happiness and still have many advantages, as well as there are many advantages.

Information flow

Your expectations are evaluated by your physician, your concerns, your concerns and your psychological readiness to the operation. In this evaluation process, information flow between the patient and the physician is very important. Providing this information flow through anonymous articles on the internet will cause the patients to make the right choices and perhaps to make choices that they may regret later, and cause them to fill with incorrect information. For this reason, do not believe in any articles on the Internet where the author’s name is not known, for example, forum sites are the places where the most misinformation and secret commercial orientation are found.

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In fact, the speed of reaching the information is shorter every second, and the internet is actually like a living bomb. Make sure that the articles you read on the Internet are published on a reliable source. In order to avoid drowning in information pollution, a half-hour examination will be much more productive with a qualified physician who will spend hours or days here and instead of doing research. Remember, time is the most precious treasure.

Because there is general information written for everyone on the internet, you can get information specific to your situation only for you in one-to-one examinations.

You may not always be able to reach your physician during the process. For this reason, you should definitely learn who you are in contact with for your organization, care, medical or control appointments at the decision stage and you should create your information flow network. Make sure your doctor has a good team to support you.

Are You Really Ready for Plastic Surgery?

Doctor reference

Although not explicitly mentioned, many patients are waiting for the physician to convince him for surgery during the examination. Aesthetic operations are not compulsory operations. The person can continue his life with aesthetic image disorder. For this reason, I don’t think it’s ethical to recommend any patient with plastic surgery.

Instead of influencing the patient in the decision-making process, I find it more ethical and morally justified to pass on the correct and wrongs, to give information about the risks of the surgery and to transfer the possible limits of surgery. During the decision-making process of aesthetic operations, you should definitely learn your physician’s references, training, experiences and surgical methods.

Be ready even if there are problems

You have decided to go along with a physician you trust in the process of an aesthetic operation. But do you know that there is always the possibility of something going wrong?

I realize that this title comes to you at first. However, there should be such a secure relationship between the physician and the patient in the process of aesthetic operation that the patient should be ready for this path even if the problems may occur. Because even if you don’t talk about these problems, remember that these facts happen to someone in some part of the world. It is professional ethics to inform you about all complications and misfortunes, even if the probability of living is very low.

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