Today, approximately 30-40% of young adults have been reported to have sleep problems.

In other words, one out of every 3 people has difficulty falling asleep or having problems with insomnia. Especially in women, this discomfort is more common than men.

I don’t need to tell you how important sleep is to all of us. However, I would like to briefly explain the problems we have experienced when we cannot sleep sufficiently or have a good quality sleep.

A Drug-Free Cure for Sleep Disorders: Yoga

Which problems cause insomnia in our body?

  • Sleep deprivation disrupts hormonal balance.
  • The immune system weakens in insomnia. (Insomnia has been shown to cause weakening of the immune system in experimental animals.)
  • It has been observed that the living things that were deprived of sleep for a long time died. In a sleep deprivation test performed on mice, weakness, skin lesions, increased food intake, weight loss, increased energy consumption, decreased body temperature, this table progressed to death.
  • The slowing of mental activity in insomnia and psychic disorders (hyperactivity, emotional imbalance) are the best indicators of the importance of sleep for the nervous system. Sleep is necessary for the nervous system to maintain its normal function. Through sleep, natural communication and balance between the neural centers are maintained. In sleep, the brain regenerates energy stores.
  • All metabolic functions in the physical body are reduced to the level of basal metabolism, that is, to the slowest working level and the energy stores of the organs are renewed. In the absence of this process, the regeneration function of organs cannot be realized sufficiently.
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A Drug-Free Cure for Sleep Disorders: Yoga

The situations described above show how vital sleep is. These are only visible parts, but there are other problems caused by these effects.

So what should we do to avoid this problem or if we experience this problem?

Consultation with a healthcare provider about this is available and medication is always available as a good solution. But their success rate is unfortunately not 100%. For this reason, an alternative or alternative to these therapies is a regular YOGA practice. In a study conducted in the group doing regular Yoga for 6 months;

  • Shortening of falling time,
  • The average sleep time of sleep time,
  • When he woke up in the morning he rested himself and an increase in feeling was good.

Especially in the evenings of the day practicing Yoga, they go to sleep more quickly, they have a better quality sleep and they are waking up in a better mode in the morning.

A Drug-Free Cure for Sleep Disorders: Yoga

Sleep, which is one of the most vital processes of man, is the most natural and existential experience of all of us. Unfortunately we lose this experience because of the lives we choose to live and we cannot live in the way we need.

I always say, Yoga gives you what is yours. Actually, it’s your guide to using your own body and mind. I hope that you will use this guide without experiencing any discomfort and you will have a pleasant, peaceful and happy life.

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