It’s hard to accept it: Filming for the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones is drawing to a close. So Emilia Clarke was still filming scenes until recently, but based on a new Instagram post, it looks like she’s finally through. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Three Dragons and One Bee Tattoo

You can follow Clarke’s iconic roles in her tattoos. One of these “This mother will never forget their babies” note on Instagram, shared with three dragon tattoos. The other is the Bee tattoo on the little finger of the Louisa character in Me Before You.

Speaks Multiple Languages

We know that Clarke speaks the language of Dothraki very well, but of course it’s only in the Game of Thrones set. The sympathetic player speaks French, German and Italian fluently.

Bonus: Emilia Clarke Massive Fashion File

Chicken Dance

Emilia Clarke, who participated in Game of Thrones‘ audition, replied with a chicken dance to the question of whether she could dance. When the sympathetic player got a positive response from the other side, he brought this dance to the robot dance. As a result, this successful dance performance was more than enough to make him the “Mother of the Dragons”.

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Aneurysm Disease

Did you know Emilia Clarke had an aneurysm? Game of Throne’s after the end of the first season with the coach of the athletes fall to the ground doing sports, aneurysm disease, here first met. This disease, which resulted in brain hemorrhage or serious injuries, caused Emilia Clarke to stay in intensive care for 4 days and to have temporary memory loss.

Music Ear and More

“Can’t be more talented” when we discovered Emilia Clarke‘s ability; it is also that he also has very good ear of music. The talented actor can play the piano, the guitar and the flute, and his voice is just as fascinating. Curios can browse Dolce & Gabbana’s The Only One campaign.

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