The cold winter days were finally over, and the summer stole our door with all its warmth and energy. We have compiled the nail art models that best suit the summer season!

Are you one of those who can make another color of red nail on cold winter days? We have some bad news for you. We start from bad: you won’t want to drive red nail for a while. Beautiful news, fun and ambitious nail art models will never miss the red ooze.

We’ve compiled the 25 best nail art models for you in autumn and winter! You can create unusual nail views by selecting one each week.

If you want to make a difference in nude color, you can put a nail polish on the fingernails or the nail tip. This nail art model looks very good especially for long nails! If you need nail art ideas you can do at home, this model is great for you. If you have short structured nails, you can make a practical nail art by driving a shiny nail polish over a single nail instead of applying a shiny nail polish.

You can make a difference in nail art by choosing striped models if you say tırnak black nail polish tırnak. You will get a modern look by drawing asymmetric lines in the middle of your fingernails. In doing so, if you do not have special brushes for nail art, you can get help from the toothpick!

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Marble quotes at one of the nail art trains waving the world of Instagram. This nail art, which resembles a marble pattern, is everywhere. You can also get the look of marble by pressing it lightly with a plastic gelatin. Don’t forget to draw gold lines on the pole to make it look more convincing!

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