You’re in the right place. We love to share colorful nail art trends especially in the summer!

You can be the coolest girl in summer by reflecting fruits, trees and flowers symbolizing writing. We have put together the most creative examples of social media in this article for you. Let’s see which of your nails you start coloring.

Nail Designs Trends

The most trendy fruit of this summer was pineapple. The pineapple images that were constantly on the social media were finally moved to nail art. You can follow the summer trends by drawing the tiny pineapple figures on their nails. If you’re feeling amateur about nail art, you can just pineapple on one nail.

Most Creative Nail Art Models

Before you go on vacation, you must reflect the tropical patterns on their nails. One of our favorites among large palm leaves nail art ideas! Don’t forget to drive the top coat on holiday to prevent the nail from becoming too easy.

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Choose your favorite 5 fruits in summer and draw them on their nails! It’s easy to say, but it can be a little hard to do, we accept. You should try this nail art on the days when you want to sit in the cool room in summer and take time for yourself.

If you can’t give up the shine, you should try the combination of pink and gold. This nail art model that looks very good at summer invitations will look great on bronze hands.

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