Well well, here is the list you waiting for those wishing to have a fun or romantic holiday, the list of best 10 European cities. Take a look at some of the best places to visit in Europe and the tourist cities that will find the latest holiday trends. It’s already spring so we also considered accommodation and latest flight ticket availability for each city.

7 Best European Cities for Summer Holiday 2019

Porto, Portugal

We start our list from Porto, which is the most beautiful tourist city of 2017 in Europe. With its lovely buildings, friendly people, wonderful Portuguese cuisine and Porto wines, this city always impresses people. Douro River tours can be enjoyed in this charming city by the river and you can have a pleasant day watching the view of Porto. If you’re wondering what to do outside of Porto, the top destinations on this romantic vacation, it’s possible to grab a nice view over the street.

7 Best European Cities for Summer Holiday 2019

Ragusa, Sicily

Situated on the island of Sicily, Ragusa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Those who want to do a tour of Sicily must add to the holiday program, this city has many beautiful historical churches and palaces. The best point to watch the cityview is the church of Santa Maria delle Scale. You can sample exquisite cuisine in the two michelin-star restaurant Duomo, or dine in the special dishes of Sicilian cuisine, which has a special style of Italian cuisine. What to eat in Sicily? The most famous dish of Sicily is the swordfish you will encounter in almost every restaurant on the island. If you are open to world cuisines or if you love fish, you can eat very nice meals in Ragusa.

7 Best European Cities for Summer Holiday 2019

Granada, Spain

Granada is a city on the UNESCO World Heritage List, where the Arab influence in the Andalusian region is the most beautiful. The Al-Hamra Palace, which consists of a semi-palace fortress and dates back to the 889s, is almost like a fortified city. The palace of Al-Hamra, which reflects the history of Andalusia very well, was built by the Arabs on the ancient Roman ruins and has been undergoing renovations throughout the history. If you are planning a tour of Andalusia, you should also visit Seville as well as Seville.

7 Best European Cities for Summer Holiday 2019

Krakow, Poland

In 2018, you must go to Krakow, a city of UNESCO’s World Heritage List a city where you can still enjoy the medieval atmosphere. This historic city, which was built on the skirts of the Carpathian Mountains, is home to the Jagiellonian University, which was once a student of Copernicus. Krakow is clearly divided into two as residential areas: Christians on one side and Jews on one side. Kazimierz is the most beautiful district of Krakow. A nice walk along the Vistula River can be a nice option, as you can add to the holiday and color of your holiday with a carriage ride in the city center of Krakow.

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7 Best European Cities for Summer Holiday 2019

Brighton, United Kingdom

Although not as touristy as London, Brighton is one of the coastal cities in England. In addition to the well-known Brighton language schools for those who want to learn English abroad, there are two important universities for those who think academically. Attractions in Brighton include, of course, the coast, the English pubs and the gezil hipster ki neighborhood of North Laine. With its murals and streets that add color to everyday life with beautiful graffiti, this neighborhood is the most popular region of the city. For those who want to see the luxury shops and the latest model cars, we recommend The Lanes.

7 Best European Cities for Summer Holiday 2019
Lake Bled

Lake Bled, Slovenia

If you prefer more romantic resorts, or if you want to surprise your lover or your partner on February 14 Valentine’s Day, you can choose Bled Lake, the most beautiful place in Slovenia. You can take pictures of the beautiful Instagram from Bled Castle, where you can watch the church standing in the middle of the lake and the mountains in the background. You can only reach the Virgin Mary Church in the middle of the lake by boat. A boat trip on Lake Bled can be one of the most beautiful things to be gifted to a valentine. If you’re planning a tour of Slovenia, don’t turn to Bled Lake.

7 Best European Cities for Summer Holiday 2019

Kotor, Montenegro

The old town (Old Town) is one of the places to visit in Kotor which is known as the pearl of the Adriatic. In addition to the old historical and religious buildings such as the Clock Tower, Sveti Tripun Cathedral, Gospe od Zdravlja, Sveta Marija Church, St Nicholas Church are also places to see in Kotor. Did you know that you can have a summer holiday by the sea in Montenegro, which is one of the countries without a visa in the Balkans?

7 Best European Cities for Summer Holiday 2019

Bonus: Moscow, Russia

FIFA 2018 World Cup is home to Moscow, this year, you can hit two birds with one stone. It is quite a nice holiday for football lovers to make a tour of the tour and watch the World Cup games. Visit the historical and tourist attractions such as the Kremlin Palace, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, discover the Russian art at the Tretyakov Gallery, watch a ballet at the historic Bolshoi Theater or enjoy a cup of tea at Cafe Pushkin.

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